Monday, December 2, 2013

On Revolutions | Clarissa's Blog

On Revolutions | Clarissa's Blog

There were also some good changes in Zimbabwe, in that even though the majority population only became marginally better off materially, they are happier and more relaxed in the new Zimbabwe. But so far as the ruling class goes, it is clear they just wanted to emulate the colonials as closely as possible. Also they do this rather crassly and chaotically. The tone is lowered.

On Revolutions | Clarissa's Blog

On Revolutions | Clarissa's Blog

Supposing you get rid of the authority that defines your limits, how will you deal with your new limits? Many people respond by contracting not expanding -- thus Zimbabwe has many of the qualities of colonial hierarchy reimposed. People think they desire unlimited freedom, but the majority do not know themselves very well at all, and actually do not. They want restrictions -- something to fight against and to feel morally outraged over. That is why it is advisable to give a lot of radical liberal movements a wide berth, too. They absolutely do not want what they think they want.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Three More Years of This You Say – Fair Dinkum. « The Australian Independent Media Network

Three More Years of This You Say – Fair Dinkum. « The Australian Independent Media Network: "‘’If the economy is in such a dire state, how did it retain its triple-A credit rating throughout the turbulent post-GFC years? And was the IMF mistaken in asserting only this month that Australia is expected to outperform all major advanced economies until at least 2018? Please explain this apparent contradiction to those of us who don’t have the benefit of an economics degree”."

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Skepchick |

As a woman who has opinions online, I get rape and death threats on a fairly regular basis, mixed in amongst the barrage of gendered slurs and comments about how fat I am. For the most part, the “threats” are obviously empty attempts to scare me into being silent – just another aspect of the usual bullying. Every now and again, though, there’s a threat that sounds just a bit more legitimate.The first one came back in 2005 when I lived in Boston and had just launched Skepchick. I was able to write up a short article about the project for an issue of eSkeptic, Michael Shermer’s free email newsletter. Within a day of that eSkeptic hitting in-boxes, I received a brief email from a man calling me a cunt. I responded with a chipper “Thanks for taking the time to write!” He responded with, “If I lived in Boston I’d put a bullet in your brain.”

What is genuine religion?

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Children of the Intellectual Class | Clarissa's Blog

The Children of the Intellectual Class | Clarissa's Blog

The funny thing about the military is that in theory, and in any case when it is working effectively, you have an impersonal identity. So identity is not gendered. That is why the military is often the first place where racial segregation breaks down.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Gender Identities | Clarissa's Blog

Gender Identities | Clarissa's Blog

I agree about inductive and deductive thinking. I am also an inductive thinker, so as I say in one of my videos, my generalizations have a couple of decades of obsessive thought behind them. I’m not too impressed by people who drop by to assert that we can’t really know what we claim to know, or that it is just a “subjective” truth and therefore meaningless. As I say, we all have the capacity to be able to learn from our experiences. Babies necessarily have to learn that fire burns, that one falls from heights and those essential basics, but we should never really stop learning from our environment. Those who stop are lazy, in my view. They want to defer to authorities in the guise of science or their priest or — in rare cases — an academic authority. Or, more commonly, a politician. They are raving idiots and often self-assured.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Giving Birth, Soviet-Style | Clarissa's Blog

Giving Birth, Soviet-Style | Clarissa's Blog

Rhodesia and Zimbabwe have not been so good regarding medical things either. For instance, health screenings in schools were like being lined up like cattle to undergo a horrible experience. Nothing medical had anything other than a punitive aura around it. Even animals did not receive anything other than rough treatment from the vets. The animal side of people was not well respected.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Dum dum dum

Ask a Stupid Question. . . | Clarissa's Blog

I prefer calculating and sly to stupid. Actually I think Robert Mugabe is in some ways a good thing for Zimbabwe, because much as he is holding the country back economically, he is also putting a dampener on the culturally and geographically corrosive effects of globalization. If you want African culture and scenery closer to its commercially untrammeled state, vote in Robert Mugabe.

Friday, March 8, 2013

What do class conscious socialists want?

The way we socialists see it, the wealth of nations rightfully belongs to the producers of that wealth and that is the working class. 

There is a class struggle raging across the world right now, in real time over control of the collective product of labour, which, of course, includes ownership and control of the very means of producing wealth. Sometimes the working class manages to break off bits and pieces of their collective product from the control and ownership of the capitalist and landlord classes. This can occur if the workers in trade unions manage to achieve some semblance of dignity through attaining a better contract for better wages and working conditions. Sometimes, this happens as a political response via left politicians in government responding to workers demanding more of their product back through better funding of their health, education and welfare. It's all part and parcel of the class struggle. The point is that workers as a class resist the downward pressure of the capitalist and landlord classes on its standard of living. Otherwise, workers become broken wretches. 

So yes, we socialists support workers in their class struggle with the capitalists and landlords over the collective product of their labour. We also tell whomever will listen, that the collective product of labour rightfully belongs to the producers--the working class. 

When and if social ownership of the collective product of labour occurs, the working class who establish it, will no longer exist as a class. Instead, a free, democratically organised association of producers (formerly the workers and anyone who decides to join with them) will administer the collective product of their labour in a classless society. By definition, the State will cease to exist when a classless society is established. That's what we communist revolutionary workers call socialism*.  

*NB: This is NOT what most people on the right or left call 'socialism'.  Nevertheless, it is what Marx and Engels called socialism.