Friday, November 6, 2015

The West embraces infantilism, through fear of hardship - YouTube

The West embraces infantilism, through fear of hardship - YouTube

Julia Riber Pitt 10 minutes ago · LINKED COMMENT
There tends to be a sentiment on the modern Left that the only way we can "win" is by out-moralizing our enemies (the Right). What the Left seeks today is sympathy from those above, as if the people in power will willingly give it up if they're preached to enough or feel sorry for those on the bottom. A Marxist-Leninist friend of mine made the observation that during the 20th century the Left was willing to be super-militant because they saw the existence of the USSR and China (as much of a clusterfuck as those countries were) as proof that feasible alternatives to capitalism were a reality, and that there was a real hope. Not so much anymore.

The current state of university campuses is another example. There's debate about whether or not Greek dramas and other works of classical literature should be given trigger warnings, which is very much in-line with the whole demand to be "babied" or shielded from the unpleasant reality.

On the other side, it's obvious that the Right suffers from the same thing. In the US at least, the Right goes on and on about how much "better" things were during the 1950s, where you (allegedly) had a culture that embodied innocence. Today they target anyone who makes social contradictions more visible under the guise that they contaminate society.
+Julia Riber Pitt Yeah, there is no thinking involved on either side. Consider the recent video I made, where I sympathetically convey the structural causes for my father's torment. Most people only hear "feminism" and tune out. People are not adults.

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