Saturday, July 21, 2012

Uggha bugga!

I'm here to answer your romantic, workplace and developmental queries.

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  1. Dear Ape,

    I can't get no respect from the wimmin. I keep tellin' 'em that I don't have no interest in forcin' them to do squat. If'n they want to, ok. I have to be ok too. But they keep on callin' me an apologist for rape because I don't cotton on to their idea that wimmin can rape men. I mean waking up to a wimmin suckin' my weiner would be in their terms, 'a rape fantasy'...'cause, I'd like to. :P However, if it were a bunch of min, I wouldn't like it and would prolly punch their lights out; but still I wuddn't be a callin' it rape.

    Should I break off my relationships with these wimmin? Or should I just accept that they be thinkin' in some kinda graduate studint mode, like some of the sophmores at uni?